Prinze and The Wolf

Prinze and The Wolf is a podcast with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Josh Wolf. Every week the guys will cover anything from parenting, to MMA, to pop culture, to cooking, to gaming and all with a ton of funny. This podcast has a little something for everyone.
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Prinze and The Wolf

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Feb 28, 2017

On this episode, Josh tells a story about almost getting beat up by the secret service at a bar, they play Electric Ram guy's theme song, Freddie gives Josh the worst superhero name ever the guys talk about the importance of making memories, great WWE stories, Mt. Rushmore of potato chips and a TON MORE!

Feb 21, 2017

On this episode, Freddie tells a story about his car falling into a sinkhole, Josh talks about the time his daughter found a woman (Beth) hidden in his closet, the effects of bullying, a very heartfelt email question and a the guys give their Mt. Rushmore of movie villains. All that and a TON more! 

Feb 14, 2017

On this episode, the guys play the first (fan-made) theme song for the show, Freddie talks about his neck surgery and collapsing in the shower, Josh tells a story about a drunk middle school teacher who was at one of his shows, Elijah Wood vs Macaulay Culkin, a new Mt. Rushmore (the guys pick their favorite sandwiches) and a TON MORE.

Feb 8, 2017

On this episode, things they promised themselves they would never do as parents, Josh shares a few of his "unconventional" methods of how he used to put his kids to sleep, Freddie talks about overcoming being shy and talking to women, they talk about the traits they hope their kids get and don't get from them, they answer your emails, do their Mt. Rushmore of cartoons (this was the toughest one yet) and, if you listen to the show you know, there's A TON MORE